New Caterpillar® H35Ds and H45Ds Complete Full Line of Small Caterpillar Hydraulic Hammers

Updated Sep 28, 2010

The introduction of the new Caterpillar® H35Ds and H45Ds hydraulic hammers means that compact equipment and mini excavator owners now have a full range of innovative hydraulic hammers designed by Caterpillar. 

The H45Ds replaces the H45/H45s hammers. It is in the 300 ft-lb. class (power), up from the 200 ft-lbs of its predecessors, and provides 2,300 blows per minute.  The H35Ds is a new offering that completes the full range of Caterpillar small hydraulic hammers. It is in the 150 ft-lb class and provides 2,900 blows per minute. Both hammers are matches for the 301.6C and 301.8C Caterpillar mini-hydraulic excavators. The H45Ds also matches with the 302.5C mini-hydraulic excavator. 

In its family of small hydraulic hammers, Caterpillar now offers a range of energy classes from 150 ft-lbs to 700 ft-lbs.  

The new hammers contain nearly 50 percent fewer parts than the H45/H45s. That means simplified maintenance and reduced owning and operating costs. 

Other technological innovations on the H35Ds and H45Ds include the following: 

  • Simplified design to provide low owning and operating costs along with maximum performance, productivity, reliability, and durability.
  • Enclosed housing to protect the power cell, eliminate side plate bolts, and reduce sound levels.
  • Recoil isolation to protect the carrier from damaging reflective forces.
  • Ultra-high blow rate for greater productivity in concrete and asphalt applications.
  • High and low pressure accumulator to protect the carrier hydraulic system and assist the power stroke of the piston.
  • Caterpillar design means the hammer is matched to a Caterpillar carrier.
  • One-piece body eliminates tie rods.
  • Two-position hose mounting optimizes hose routing.
  • Single bushing design combines three bushings into one for a slip fit and the ability to be replaced in the field.


Standard sound suppression improves operator comfort and environmental protection. The new hammers are matched to current and next-generation Caterpillar compact machines. 

For more information about the H35Ds and H45Ds hydraulic hammers, customers should contact their local Cat® dealer or visit the web site at


H35Ds and H45Ds Specifications


  H35Ds H45Ds
Recommended carrier weight 2,425-5,292 lb
(1100-2400 kg)
3,307-7,056 lb
(1500-3200 kg)
Working weight 231 lb (105 kg) 319 lb. (145 kg)
Impact frequency 800-2,900 bpm 900-2,300 bpm
Energy class 150 ft-lb 300 ft-lb
Acceptable oil flow 3.17-9.25 gpm
(12-35 lpm)
6.6-14.53 gpm
(25-55 lpm)
Maximum Operating pressure 2,392 psi (165 bar) 2,392 psi (165 bar)
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