New XCP3 Pulverizer Design

Updated Sep 28, 2010

Mississauga, Ontario (Wednesday June 25, 2008) The new XCP3 “High Five” series heavy duty concrete pulverizer is the latest in a long evolving line of mechanical pulverizers from Nye. These units are designed to outperform conventional hydraulic units in both primary and secondary crushing operations. Nye pulverizers are built entirely from extra thick quenched and tempered alloy plate, ready for years of work on the most demanding jobsites. The XCP3 series features: Biomimetic crushing jaws modeled after bone crushing wolf teeth. Including canine fangs that are perfect for grasping and puncturing material and at the same time protecting the noseplate. Jaws are welded in place, not pinned, so they cannot fall out and jam your crusher. A new pinch plate for grabbing and pulling re-bar. Massive side plate thickness around torque tubes to resist twisting and an optional patented ripper shank, excellent for picking, prying, lifting and flipping heavy slabs. Nye pulverizers are easy to install, require no extra hydraulics and offer simple, safe, almost silent operation. Quick coupler and pin grabber models are also offered by the company. A new 20 page brochure is available by calling 905-897-2311 or via the internet at, for videos search “nyemfg” on  

About Nye Manufacturing Ltd.: 

Nye “The King of Heavy Duty” offers a broad line of heavy duty attachments including: excavator and loader buckets, quick couplers, frost rippers, tilt ditching buckets, demolition grapples, concrete pulverizers, forks, clam buckets, telescopic dipper sticks, stick extensions and custom booms and sticks. Nye, in operation for over 55 years, uses the latest in CAD/CAM technology, low hydrogen MIG welding equipment and quenched and tempered steel plate to provide customers with a superior attachment that will power through the toughest demolition jobs. 

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