Experience Counts: HB 10000 ProCare Thousands of Hours Make the Difference

The HB 10000 ProCare opens the door to a new market segment, exactly like the HB 7000 did when it was launched. The objective is commercial deployment in direct extraction from the face of a quarry, including substantially increased productivity.

As a future-oirented production machine, the HB 10000 ProCare will become a real alternative to drilling and blasting. After the product launch at Bauma 2007 in Munich, the HB 10000 ProCare was sold to several customers in Ireland, Norway and Portugal.

Field experiences in different applications

The power and productivity of the HB 10000 ProCare convinces in direct mining applications. It replaces the conventional drilling and blasting method or offers possibilities for cost efficient combinations of both methods.

Ireland, a number of quarries make use of the HB 10000 ProCare and are very satisfied: “The HB 10000 produced excellent results in my white granite. In our quarry it delivered a 50% higher performance than the HB 7000, which is impressive enough itself,” says Michael Howely, one of our Irish customers. In Portugal, the HB 10000 ProCare is on the way to replacing the drilling and blasting method in the quarry. By using the hydraulic breaker, complaints from residents about noise, dust and vibrations through blasting will become history. In a railway project in Oslo, Norway , the HB 10000 ProCare is involved in the development of the urban traffic system. Due to extremely high costs involved in environmental and safety aspects and because of nearby residential buildings, blasting was out of the question. “With this breaker we are sure to be able to meet the tight schedule,” explains Jon Erik Hegna, the proprietor and excavator operator of the contracting firm.

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