BC – Cutter Crusher Range for Industrial Demolition

High reach demolition applications demand attachments that are light yet powerful and durable. The Sandvik (Rammer) BC Cutter Crusher Range combines these factors to offer a range of attachments that deliver quiet, powerful and vibration-free cutting and crushing performance across a broad range of demolition and recycling applications.

With their powerful jaws and low-vibration performance, the three Sandvik (Rammer) BC models are well matched to a variety of applications and materials. The ability to cut steel beams and crush concrete at reach makes the Sandvik (Rammer) BC models ideally suited to industrial building demolition where they will be required to handle a range of materials.

  • Wide jaw opening
    Allows for the handling of larger materials

  • Long replaceable cutter blades
    Can be turned four times for optimum working life

  • Trunnion – mounted cylinder
    Provides high forces throughout the working cycle and helps make the design extremely compact.

  • Hydraulic rotation
    Provides enhanced initial positioning of crusher to material for improved precision and productivity

  • Compact dimensions
    Allow the B
    C models to work effectively in applications where space is at a premium

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