BC Multi Purpose Cutter Crusher Range for Professional Demolition

With a wide variety of materials and conditions, no two demolition applications are the same. To meet these ever changing demands, the Sandvik (Rammer) BC Cutter Crusher Range utilizes an optimized jaw design and interchange-able jaw sets to tackle differing materials with equal power and performance while powered rotation provides optimum speed and productivity.

The ability to efficiently handle a wide range of materials makes the Sandvik (Rammer) BC Cutter Crusher Range ideally suited to secondary demolition and rehandling duties. The light yet durable design makes the Sandvik (Rammer) BC models ideally suited to high reach and long boom applications and other duties where attachment weight is a concern.

  • Hydraulic rotation
    Provides enhanced initial positioning of crusher to material for
    improved precision and productivity

  • High-speed valve
    Combines high speed operating speed with optimum cutting and
    crushing force to deliver maximum productivity

  • Interchangeable jaw sets
    Allow attachment to be tailored to suit individual materials and

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