Model 50E Vibratory Driver/Extractor

  • Four eccentric moment sizes allows APE to fine tune your vibro to fit your excavator”s engine power.
  • By changing only the eccentric moment, one vibro can adjust to four different power ranges.
  • All four vibro eccentric sizes have the same clamp, bearings, suppressor housing and related parts.
  • APE excavator mounted vibros enjoy parts compatability with all other APE vibros – including jaws!
  • Patented one piece helical gear/eccentric eliminates gearbox failures caused by broken pins, keys, bolts or splines found in all other vibros.
  • Giant double roller spherical bearings for super long life.
  • Goose neck extentions available and are custom made for maximum engineering safety.

Advance, profit generating features that are years ahead of the competition:

  • Can mount and operate off backhoe for situations where crane use is not preferable.
  • Center safety pin shows pile crew and crane operator how much line pull is on pile and crane.
  • One piece helical gear/eccentric eliminates keyways, pins, splines, and bolts inside the gearbox.
  • Heavy metal enhanced eccentric design reduces internal parts by up to 75% while increasing dynamic force.
  • Giant spherical bearings allow for batter operations without damage and reduce heat for extremely long life.
  • Computer designed gearbox is perfectly balanced with lowest center of gravity on the market.
  • Heavy duty clamp cylinder is machined from one piece of solid steel to eliminate o-rings and bolt-on guards.
  • Power unit comes standard with tool kit and dual controls on pendant and control panel.
  • Very simple open loop hydraulic system with highest quality valves with lighted indicators.
  • Variable flow in both directions for use on drills, winches, hydraulic hammers and other attachments.
  • Oversized radiator and hydraulic oil cooler with proven performance in the heat of Saudi Arabia.

As an attachment for excavators for the purpose of driving and extracting sheet piles, soil compaction, asphalt cutting, pipe piles, pin piles, etc.

The Attachments Idea Book
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