Shaver Trailers Make Post Driving Easy

Updated Sep 29, 2010

Driving fence posts has never been easier with Shaver’s lineup of trailer-mounted post drivers.  Designed for fencing contractors, farmers and ranchers, Shaver’s TU series of trailers improves efficiency by allowing the operator to transport posts with the driver.  The unit’s positioner turntable is patent pending and gives the operator better accuracy and control by allowing them to tilt the driver forward, sideways and swivel it up to 155 degrees. 


The trailers also feature an extension bar that allows the operator to extend the driver 24 inches beyond the trailer’s tire, allowing the driver to operate in tight areas easily.  A NEW, optional 4 inch Pilot Auger Attachment is patent pending and allows the unit to drive posts more easily and quickly by digging a 4 inch pilot hole into the ground before the post is driven.  This is especially useful in highly compacted soil conditions. 


The Shaver TU series trailers are available in two models.  The standard TU-13 trailer features a self-contained 13 hp Honda engine with electric start.  The engine provides all of the power needed for the driving unit, so the trailer can be hitched to any tow vehicle, including pickups and SUVs.  The Shaver TU-13-T unit hooks up to a tractor and is powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system.   


Both units are designed to allow the user to select the Shaver post driver unit to fit their specific needs. The 8H-TU-13 features 30,000 pounds of impact force and a maximum post diameter of 7-1/8″.  The 10H-TU-13 features 71,500 pounds of impact force and a post diameter of up to 8-3/4″.  The 12H-TU-13 features 100,000 pounds of impact force and can drive a post that is up to 10-7/8″ in diameter.  All three driver units are capable of driving posts up to 12 feet long. 


Shaver Manufacturing is a leading American manufacturer of professional-grade post hole diggers, post drivers, stump grinders and log splitters for the landscape, agricultural and contractor markets.

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