Wedgelock Grabs

Wedgelock Grabs work in conjunction with the crowding operation of the bucket cylinder. They can be fitted either directly to the excavator dipper and link arms or coupled to a Wedgelock Quick Coupler. As with all Wedgelock attachments, Wedgelock Grabs can be custom-built to suit almost any application.

Wedgelock has designed two types of manual grabs: The Wedgelock RockGrab and the Wedgelock BushGrab. Both types operate off the crowd cylinder hydraulics and have an adjustable strut mount to enable the operator to change working parameters of the grab depending on the position of the excavator relative to the work. Both are constructed from medium and high tensile materials and are suited to the demolition, forestry and waste industries.

Features of Wedgelock Grabs:

  • Clamping action of the grab is achieved with the crowding of the bucket cylinder eliminating the need for extra hydraulics and circuitry
  • Can be used for rock, trees, scrub, demolition work and more
  • Robust construction minimizing maintenance
  • Multi-position strut mount available
  • Additional strut mounts can be made to enable use on other machines in the same weight class
  • Built for excavators from 4.5 Tonne (9,900 Lbs) and above


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