Heavy-Duty Cat® G130B Contractors Grapple Features Easy-Loading Design, Modular Pin-Hub for Fast Attachment and C/D-Series Compatibility

Updated Sep 29, 2010

The Cat® G130B Contractors’ Grapple is a heavy-duty, durably constructed tool designed for structural demolition, material handling and utility application, such as sorting and loading rock, scrap and construction debris. The Cat G130B works ideally with a range of models in the Caterpillar® medium-hydraulic-excavator lineup, and its design assures flexible, efficient operation, as well as compatibility with both C- and D-Series Cat excavators. 

The Cat G130B uses a two-over-three tine configuration that allows the three tines on the slightly curved lower jaw to sink easily into scrap piles, while a pair of tines on the interlocking upper jaw exerts ample hydraulic power to retain material securely on the large working surfaces of the jaws. The long tines, coupled with wide spacing, allow good visibility to the working area.

Abrasion-resistant AR 400 steel, used for tine tips, wear plates and wrappers- the thick curved sheets that form the grapple’s inner working surfaces and outer shell- assures durability in the harshest environments. Box-type construction yields a strong, rigid design without unnecessary weight. In addition, the replaceable tine tips are flush-mounted with the inner wrapper. The flush design, coupled with the precise curvature of the lower jaw, assures that material slides out with no obstruction when the grapple dumps. 
The pin-hub, which is the hinge for the upper and lower jaws, as well as the attachment point to the carrier, features a modular design that keeps the jaws of the grapple connected even with the mounting pin removed. This feature greatly simplifies grapple installation and removal.

The modular pin-hub also allows the grapple to match with different linkage systems, simply by changing the pin group. The compatibility of the grapple to work with both C- and D-Series Cat excavators allows contractors and rental firms with both types of machines to extend the return on their grapple investment.

The Cat G130B grapple either pins directly to the digging arm of the carrier, or attaches via a pin-grabber-type coupler, allowing the owner to use machines as presently configured. 
For more information about the Cat G130B Contractors’ Grapple, customers should contact their local Cat dealer or visit www.cat.com.

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