Now available from DENIS CIMAF Inc.: the brushcutter-mower model DTN, especially designed for mounting to the front of road graders.

Updated Sep 29, 2010

DENIS CIMAF is proud to announce the arrival of the DTN models, their all new brushcutter-mowers for road graders.  


In many cases, road graders aren’t fully utilized and often sit idle in the yard. The DTN brush cutter allows to use these very costly machines more often by enabling them to be used to do some road side maintenance, in a cost-effective manner. 


The DTN is an articulated arm with an industrial mower head at the end. It is quick-attached to the front of the grader, without having to remove the blade: in only 15 minutes, the DTN can be mounted and ready to work. Another 15 minutes, and the DTN can be removed so that the grader can accomplish its usual tasks. And to make initial installation fast and easy, the DTN has its own 100-hp power unit. 


Thanks to the auxiliary power unit, the DTN brushcutter-mower allows the grader to clear road sides at 2 to 3 times faster than with a conventional tractor/mower. Also, because of the grader’s stability, it is possible to lift the articulated arm up to 20 feet into the air, 24 feet to the side and down to 7 feet below grade. 


The DENIS brush cutter model DTN-155 offers 60 inches of cutting width. Two other models will also be available in the near future, offering 48 and 96 inches of cutting width. 


DENIS CIMAF was founded in 1990 with the introduction of a single brushcutter-chipper model. With aggressive R&D investments, continued improvements and strategic partnerships, its product line now includes many different models adaptable to 6- to 30- tonne excavators, graders, skid steer loaders, wheeled forestry tractors and backhoes. 


For information: 

Contact: [email protected] 

Toll free: 877-279-2300 

Phone: 450-548-7007

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