Mini-Might Patrol

Updated Sep 30, 2010

The Mini-Might Patrol offers you the ability to purchase a compact grader at a fraction of the normal cost.  As an attachment, the Mini-Might Patrol will grade as well as any of the compact graders on the market today.  Due to the high cost of dedicated compact graders, only larger companies can justify the cost.  With the Mini-Might Patrol, this allows smaller contractors to compete.   


Most contractors already own a skid-steer.  With as little as a $20,000 – $25,000 investment, the Mini-Might Patrol will easily turn that skid-steer into a full-blown grader.  Once your skid-steer is modified, the Mini-Might Patrol will attach and detatch in less than five minutes.  There are no extra motors or pumps to maintain on the Mini-Might Patrol because all are run off your existing skid-steer.  When not using your grader, your skid-steer is freed up to work on other projects.    


On the Mini-Might Patrol, the operator sits outside of the skid-steer above the moldboard for excellent visibility. It is equipped with certified ROPS and a safety shut down system.  It is built tough with T1 construction in stress areas with bushings and grease zerks at most pivot locations.  It weights in around 4000lbs.  Options include a 10″ moldboard (8″ standard), blade side shift, blade tip, front scarifier and a quick attach 5″ front blade to the scarifier.  It is laser and string line system capable which will run the blade lift controls for you.


Equipment Resources, Inc.  has been in business for four years.  Owner, Lonnie Marquardt, has more than 30 years of experience with building and designing machinery for the logging and construction industry.  Equipment Resources, Inc.  has been manufacturing the Mini-Might Patrol since 2003 in Missoula, MT. 


The Mini-Might Patrol is like no other grader attachment.  You have to experience it to believe it.  Try the Mini-Might Patrol advantage.  Visit the web site at

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