AIM HL Quick Couplers

Updated Sep 30, 2010

New Hydra-Lock (HL) hydraulic quick couplers offer a dependable, proven design with safety in mind, for use with OEM configured attachments.  The AIM HL couplers feature a simple design, in which no pin removal is needed for an easy exchange of a variety of attachments, making your excavator a multi-capable machine.  This system eliminates hundreds of on-site man hours spent changing manually configured attachments.  Specific features include:

  • One-man operation, allowing the easy exchange of attachments.
  • No special modifications needed for attachments such as buckets, hammers, rakes, or rippers.
  • All couplers include a durable lifting hook.
  • Built-in safety check-valves help eliminate electrical fault and human errors that cause accidents.  The cylinder will not disengage when pressure is lost in the hydraulic line.  A warning buzzer for the cab is also standard.
  • Multi-position manual safety pin for added safety.

These couplers were designed to minimize the negative effect on breakout force due to the increase in the tip radius dimension.  .  For additional information contact the manufacturer direct at 1-800-803-3365 or browse online at

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