Wedgelock Couplers

The world-leading Wedgelock Quick Coupler is the flagship product of the Wedgelock range of attachments. It can be operated either hydraulically or manually.

Wedgelock Quick Couplers have a unique and constant locking principle. High strength construction increases wearability and reduces weight maximizing product performance and reliability. The Wedgelock low profile design ensures optimum breakout force and power at the bucket tip. Pin centre variations are accommodated automatically on both mechanical and hydraulic versions. Additionally, lifting eyes are fitted as standard ensuring safe lifting capability.

Features of Wedgelock Quick Coupler Standard Hydraulic:

  • Double acting hydraulic cylinders include integrated pilot operated check valve ensuring maximum safety and full remote operation from the cab
  • Independent hydraulic circuit for safe and reliable cylinder operation
  • In-cab features include audible “unlock” buzzer, rotary lock and unlock switch with warning light
  • Cylinder design and unique locking principle completely eliminates movement between the “wedge plate” and attachment pin
  • Suitable for most excavators up to 100 Tonne (220,000 Lbs)

Features of Wedgelock Quick Coupler Standard Mechanical:

  • Unique thread locking principle ensures the “wedge plate” is securely fixed and locked under the attachment pin
  • The single moving part and sealed threaded mechanism ensures minimal maintenance
  • Operating the Quick Coupler with the ratchet spanner maximizes torque on the threaded mechanism ensuring secure locking of the “wedge plate”
  • Can be easily upgraded to hydraulic operation at a later date
  • For severe vibration applications, a locking tab can be fitted
  • Suitable for most excavators up to 50.0 Tonne (110,000 Lbs)

Features of Wedgelock Quick Coupler Multi-Model Hydraulic with “I-Lock”:

  • The Wedgelock “Independent, Initial and Instant Safety System” or “I-Lock” is the ultimate coupler back-up locking system available globally today
  • Independent safety system mechanically engaged automatically on to the front attachment pin without the need to activate the main locking mechanism
  • Instant safety by securing the attachment to the coupler in the very initial latching stage
  • Complete independence from primary un-locking step by control switch activation on the operator™s actions only (not sequenced)
  • Built-in time-out to re-engage “I-Lock” if attachment is not disconnected in a timely manner (maximum safety for longest time possible)
  • Suitable for most excavators from 13.0 to 50.0 Tonne (28,600 to 110,000 Lbs)

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