The Miller Ground Breaking Bug Coupler

Updated Sep 30, 2010

Have a mixed fleet of machines, buckets and attachments?
Lose time and productivity when you get to the jobsite and the bucket on hand won’t fit the machine? With the Miller Bug Coupler, there’s no problem. The Bug is a truly universal, totally hydraulic coupler – and it’s the only one on the market with OEM branding and approval. Available for hydraulic excavators from 6 to 150 tonne

And because it’s hydraulic, you can switch buckets and attachments with ease – all from the comfort and safety of the cab. There’s no need to manually insert a safety pin. Our patented Mechanical Blocking System prevents the bucket or attachment from being released in the unlikely event of hydraulic failure.    

The Miller Bug is fast, efficient and safe to dramatically improve your productivity. It has it all: 

  • Universal fitting works with the world’s best known manufacturers’ buckets and attachments
  • Up to 40% stronger than other non-Miller pin-pick-up coupler designs
  • Totally hydraulic for fast, safe changeover and operation from the cab
  • Strength and durability you can rely on
  • Operates with a wide range of attachments: hammers, rippers, demolition attachments and more
  • Operates with buckets in backhoe and face mode positions for greater flexibility
  • Integrated lifting eye makes it a strong lifting tool
  • Hydraulic check valve prevents attachment from being released in the unlikely event of hydraulic failure
  • Clear visibility of the hydraulic locking mechanism ensures secure attachment
  • Awarded worldwide OEM branding – the only pin-pick-up coupler with this distinction
  • Fully CE approved
  • Complies to BS474 safety standards  



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