Wedgelock Ploughs Attachments

Wedgelock manufacture the Wedgelock QuikLay Plough under license for the original inventor Derek Ramsey of Ramsey Earthmovers, New Zealand who saw a need for a tool that could be utilized on an excavator for laying flexible pipes and cables.

Wedgelock Ploughs have a long mole board construction and interchangeable guide tubes, which allow the operator to control direction and depth very easily during the laying of pipe and other materials. A must for farming and agriculture contractors, Wedgelock Ploughs are constructed from medium and high tensile materials, are easy to install and can be fitted to excavators from 13.0 to 36.0 Tonne (28,600 to 79,200 Lbs.)

Features of Wedgelock Ploughs:

  • Sleek geometry makes the application of laying pipe quick and easy
  • Considerably faster than a chain digger, with fewer processes involved
  • Smooth laying won”t kink or catch
  • Tidy finish leaves pasture virtually unmarked with no ruts
  • Multi-diameters of guide tube available to suit various materials
  • Complete with pipe/cable guide roller assemblies which mount to the excavator
  • Can be fitted to most excavators from 13.0 to 36.0 Tonne (28,600 to 79,200 Lbs)

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