VAIL Products introduces the new Volvo Motor Grader ripper

VAIL Products, the leading aftermarket manufacturer of severe duty rippers, has just released the only U.S. built parallel lift ripper/scarifier to fit the new Volvo G900 series motor grader.  To meet the demand of motor grader owners & operators VAIL Products has produced the parallel lift ripper/scarifier for the new Volvo G900 line of motor graders.  Owners of the new Volvo G900 series motor graders can source the new severe duty rear mount ripper/scarifier through their local Volvo dealer or nearest VAIL Products distributor.


Owners and Operators from all of the world have requested a parallel lift ripper to meet special motor grader use requirements. Motor grader operators need a grading machine with minimal length, a tight turning radius, excellent ground clearances and the versatility that meets the needs of each job. Extending the Volvo motor grader only 31″ (G930) the new VAIL parallel lift ripper, as opposed to a radial lift, the ripper and scarifier teeth maintain the same angle of attack to the soil at all levels. VAIL Products has produced a parallel lift ripper that not only achieves a minimum length extension of the motor grader, but also excels in high ground clearance (high exit angle, 30 degrees) an operator can enter and exit ditches or load the motor grader onto a trailer without concern of scraping the ground. The parallelogram design also adds versatility to the ripper/scarifier attachment. Often operators will need to add a tire carrier, wheel compactor, or other specialty attachments to the ripper/scarifier. With a parallel lift ripper/scarifier, the operator can easily add these attachments and maintain the intended functionality of both the ripper and attachmnet.


VAIL Products (a division of Hammersmith Mfg. and Sales Inc.) is the leading manufacturer of aftermarket Severe Duty Ripper Systems. This includes a full line of hydraulically operated, rear-mounted parallel rippers for crawler dozers and loaders; ripper/scarifiers  (front, center, rear) for motor graders; pivotal backup rippers for dozers and loaders; and the Rip-N-Pin, a patented, rear-mounted bucket attachment with a pivotal shank design that adds ripper versatility to backhoe and excavator buckets without the need for changeover. VAIL also offers a line of Grubbers for brush removal, and a Stump Shear for stump splitting and wood debris downsizing. VAIL products are designed for strength and durability to fit any subsoil condition, and are marketed exclusively through a nationwide network of over 1,000 O.E.M and used equipment dealers.



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