Roller Compaction Buckets

Updated Sep 30, 2010

There are two standard construction industry methods of achieving compaction during sewer line, water line, or site-work operations – roller wheel compaction or vibratory plate compaction. Felco Industries combines these proven compaction methods within our regular duty buckets, creating unequaled, all-in-one backfill and compaction attachments for excavators and backhoe-loaders.  

The Felco Roller Compaction Bucket combines the compaction performance of our proven tamping pad roller design and a Sealed Journal Bearing all within our regular duty bucket. We manufacture more than twenty different Roller Compaction Buckets to meet a wide range of applications including the Mini Felco Roller Compaction Bucket for smaller machines. 


The Roller Compaction Bucket allows an operator to place backfill in the exact amount needed to ensure uniform lifts, as well as providing a convenient method to compact. This versatility turns your machine into a complete digging/backfill/compaction system.  


Time and money are saved when contractors are able to replace a dozer or loader for backfilling or by eliminating transition times when switching between separate compaction and bucket attachments. Sending an additional person and stand-alone compactor into the trench is no longer a necessity. Felco Compaction Bucket keeps the operator and machinery running at peak efficiency. 


We custom build every set of bucket ears to match each excavator’s OEM specs or to adapt to your brand of quick coupler. No matter what method of compaction is chosen by the contractor, only Felco Compaction Buckets offer the versatility to dig, place, and compact all in one.

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