Severe Duty Stump Shear for Excavators

Updated Oct 1, 2010
The Vail Stump Shear’s exclusive patented dual pivot design allows the operator to reduce cycle time between stumps. The dual pivot design allows for the largest mouth opening for it’s size class of shear and allows the operator to easily grip and split even the largest stumps. Its bucket-like anvil allows you to remove and shear stumps still in the ground, without additional digging. Vail’s Severe Duty Stump Shear will help protect your grinder and increase its efficiency by downsizing stumps and eliminating uncrushable debris.
Model 4050 Model 5070 Model 5500
Excavators 40,000 lb to 50,000 lb Excavators 50,000 lb to 70,000 lb Excavators 70,000 lb to 90,000 lb


  • Exclusive  Dual Pivot Design (U.S. Patent # 6076572, 6564836)
  • Widest Mouth Opening available in the industry
  • Increase the Efficiency of your grinder
  • 50 or 70 tons of cutting force at 5,000 psi working pressure
  • Severe Duty Welded Construction

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