EDGE® Trench Filler by CEAttachments, Inc.

Updated Oct 1, 2010

The EDGE® Trench Filler from CEAttachments works with your skid steer loader to backfill trenches in one swift pass while eliminating turf damage caused by back-and-forth skid steer action. With its heavy-duty triple-flight auger system, one operator can effortlessly fill the longest trench in no time! You’ll get tough, day-after-day performance with its reinforced steel construction and two-step polyurethane finish. For more information, call the friendly experts at CEAttachments at 866.232.8224, or visit our website at www.ceattach.com. 


  • Covers 60′ of open trench in 60 seconds
  • Eliminates tearing of turf
  • Available in right offset, left offset or centered models
  • Reinforced steel construction
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