Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems

Updated Oct 1, 2010

Pad Selection Made Easy 
Every ANVER VT Vacuum Tube Lifting System includes a pad attachment specifically chosen by our applications engineers from hundreds of vacuum pad styles and sizes to achieve optimum tube lifting performance. Additional pad attachments are readily available and are easily interchangeable to suit your lifting requirements. 

Wide Assortment of Pads Available  
A wide assortment of vacuum pad attachments makes an ANVER VT System ideal for lifting a variety of loads. The Quick Disconnect option makes changing the pad attachment a snap. 

Pad Attachment Included with Each Complete System 
Every ANVER VT Tube Lift system price includes a vacuum pad attachment chosen by our applications engineers to suit the job at hand. No need to consider a pad attachment as an additional add-on cost item. Additional pad attachments are readily available and are easily interchangeable to suit your lifting requirements. 

Fully Adjustable Multi-pad attachments offer independently adjustable pad slides mounted on an aluminum channel with knurled locking knobs. Pads feature spring and clevis mounts to allow handling of open flaps as well as sealed cartons. 

Quick Disconnects Optional Quick Disconnects adjust a full 360° and can be locked into position, an ANVER Exclusive Feature. ANVER also offers a unique snap-into-position feature that allows pads to rotate 90° and then lock into place.  

Seals Available in Many Styles Hundreds of Vacuum Pads made by ANVER’s Vacuum Component Group are available. This vast in-house resource allows us great flexibility and quick response when designing and building custom pad attachments. 

Vacuum Pad Seals Securely Attached ANVER Vacuum Pad Seals are bolted on or molded in place to eliminate seals peeling off while under load. Pad attachments have heavy double layer sheet metal construction and bolt-on vacuum seals are easy to replace in the field. Unlike competitive units, there is no extra charge for this premium construction. 

More Lift Capacity per Tube Size ANVER’s use of direct-drive pumps produces a lifting vacuum of 18″ Hg, versus the 12″-16″ Hg that competitive units produce with belt-drive pumps. As a result, an ANVER VT System with a 140 mm tube is able to lift the same loads as some competitive units equipped with larger 160 mm tubes. 

Corrosion Resistant ANVER Vacuum Pad Attachments feature plated or painted metal surfaces for corrosion resistance.  

Large Capacity Construction All ANVER Vacuum Pad Attachments feature heavy-duty construction and include grills or screens to prevent the inadvertent ingestion of objects. 

Easy Replacement ANVER employs an industry standard bolt mounting arrangement for ease in upgrading or replacement of vacuum pad attachments. 

Extensions Pad Attachment Extensions can be used to load and unload deep bins without bending. 

Special Purpose Vacuum Pad Attachments In addition to our extensive line of Rectangular Pad Attachments, a number of special purpose attachments are available, such as: Bag Attachment Pads, in several styles, for lifting both loosely packed as well as densely packed bags and sacks; Oval Pads for lifting tubes and cylinders; Round Pads for lifting pails and drums; Foam Pads for handling rough, uneven or textured surfaces such as stone, concrete or fiberglass and porous signature bundles; Multi-Pad Attachments with pads mounted in-line or H-style; useful for handling more than one object at a time or for bulky or unusually shaped items; Side Grip Attachments, for lifting objects that do not have a top attachment surface; and Gravity Tilters, for tilting loads from a vertical to a horizontal, or a horizontal to a vertical position. An indexing plunger holds the pad in position for vertical attachment.

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