Are You Sitting Down? Ditch Witch 420sx Released.

Updated Oct 1, 2010

PERRY, Okla. – The Ditch Witch organization announces the release of another vibratory plow, the Ditch Witch 420sx. This unit borrows from one of the company’s most popular compact vibratory plows, the walk-along 410sx, but adds riding capability, greater horsepower (40 hp), and several features that other articulating vibratory plows in its class do not have. 

One exclusive feature of the 420sx is its dual-speed attachment drive. With two speeds, the operator can quickly adapt to changing ground conditions, whether plowing or trenching. The 420sx is designed to closely follow the contour of the ground, which helps the attachment maintain a constant plowing depth on uneven terrain. Besides a standard vibratory plow, the 420sx can also run a Roto Witch® boring attachment and a trencher. “We’ve improved the headshaft design of the trencher attachment and added a bigger auger,” says Brent Bolay, product manager for the 420sx. “The improvements in productivity and spoils handling make the 420sx a true production trencher.”  

Operator productivity and comfort were carefully considered when designing the 420sx. The operator’s console of the 420sx moves with the operator when the machine’s frame articulates, so the controls are always in the same place in relation to the operator.  Improvements to the plow’s design minimize the vibration transmitted to the operator’s station, so the operator can work longer with greater comfort. And the unit’s skid shoes isolate vibration by keeping plow pins and other components off the ground, which also saves wear and tear on the machine and on the turf. 

Another exclusive feature of the 420sx is its fold-down ROPS (roll-over protective structure), which enables the unit to operate under tree limbs, eaves, and other low-hanging obstacles. “The fold-down ROPS reduces the unit’s overall height by eighteen inches,” says Bolay. “This feature makes the 420sx highly maneuverable in and around jobsites.” 

Overall productivity is enhanced by the machine’s 11-gallon fuel tank, another exclusive feature that allows the operator to work longer without having to stop to refuel. The increased ground speed and single, pilot-operated control for both the ground drive and steering, make the 420sx easy and efficient to operate. 

Utility, telecom, and landscape companies and contractors will be the primary users of the 420sx, which is designed to install lawn irrigation systems and communication, gas, and electrical lines up to three inches in diameter and up to a 24-inch cover depth. Optional equipment includes a front reel carrier, RotoWitch, light kit, and digging attachment with 36-inch maximum depth and eight-inch maximum trench width. 

The Ditch Witch organization specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality underground construction equipment. The company is a one-stop source for trenchers, vibratory plows, pneumatic piercing tools, backhoes, electronic tracking and locating tools, horizontal directional drilling systems, drill pipe, downhole tools, vacuum excavation systems, excavator-tool carriers, mini skid steers and pipebursting systems. 

The Ditch Witch name is one you can trust for your equipment and financial needs. Ditch Witch Financial Services (DWFS) is a full-service provider, offering a wide variety of finance and lease options to meet your individual requirements.   

All of these products are recognized around the world for their advanced design, rugged construction, long-term durability, ease of use, and reliability. This product line represents the most complete range of equipment for installing utilities underground.

For more information about the 420sx, please call 800-654-6481 or visit

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