Volvo DD14 and DD16 Compactors Have Industry-Leading Performance

Updated Oct 6, 2010

The DD14 is designed for light- to mid-duty applications, such as asphalt pathways, filling pavement cracks and compacting small parking lots. The DD14 compactor has a compressed design and superior visibility thanks to the low-sloping hood. The DD14 has a drum width of 35.4 inches (900 millimeters) and 3,500 pounds (15.6 kilonewtons) of centrifugal force. 


The slightly larger DD16 compactor has a drum width of 39.4 inches (1000 millimeters) and produces 4,000 pounds (17.8 kilonewtons) of centrifugal force per drum. Ideal for parking lots and driveways, the DD16 compactor also has many of the amenities, such as a steering system with center-point articulation that helps provide a 110-inch (2790 millimeters) turning radius.


Both compactors have reliable Kubota diesel engines with standard glow plugs. They are liquid-cooled and can provide a maximum output of 16.9 horsepower (12.6 kilowatts) at 3,000 revolutions per minute. Also, these compactors supply 4,000 vibrations per minute (66.7 hertz) of frequency â€“ the highest frequency rating for this class of compactors. In addition, the DD14 and the DD16 compactors have a practical design and long-life components that will keep these compactors working on streets, driveways and other paving surfaces for a long time.

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