Volvo DD29 Compactors

Updated Oct 6, 2010

Ideal for hot mix asphalt paving applications, the DD29 maintains the same high-performance features as its predecessors, while overall performance is enhanced through industry-leading technology.


Designed for driveways, parking lots and residential streets, the DD29 has a drum width of 49.2 inches (1250 millimeters) and 7,100 pounds (32 kilonewtons) of centrifugal force.


The DD29 double drum units are built with optimal combination of amplitude, centrifugal force and frequency to deliver maximum productivity. Each compactor is equipped with automatic or manual vibration and can operate in three modes: statically, vibration on the front drum only or both drums vibrating. With the highest frequency in its class – 4,000 vibrations per minute (66.7 hertz) – the DD29 produces a smooth, dense mat with a reduced number of passes. A hose-tube-hose configuration in the drum area is also employed to provide superior wall and curb clearance.


The DD29 has a standard, pressurized water system and hand-serviceable water nozzles. An automatic mode comes standard to give operators the option of having waterflow activated only when the compactor is in motion. This mechanism improves jobsite productivity by further extending refilling intervals. A variable waterflow control is also included, along with spring-loaded, self-adjusting neoprene wipers to evenly distribute water across each drum.

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