Volvo Offers DD70HF and DD90HF High Frequency Compactors

Updated Oct 6, 2010

Volvo has engineered asphalt compactors with high frequency, eccentric systems for faster rolling speeds. These specially designed, high performance double drum compactors also have the ability to maintain impact spacing requirements – resulting in increased production capabilities and smoothness requirements. Models included are the DD70HF and DD90HF. 


These compactors are essential to paving operations because Superpave mixes are required for large paving applications. The DD70HF and DD90HF are capable of breakdown compaction within close proximity to the paver and within the “tender zone” for compacting Superpave mixes. 


The DD70HF and DD90HF feature a patented impact meter, which accurately measures the number of drum impacts per foot, allowing the operator to select the rolling speed in order to meet critical compaction requirements. The eight variable amplitude settings allow the operator to match drum output to hot mix asphalt requirements.


Each drum has a separate water tank made of rotational molded linear low density polyethylene, which is standard. The water system includes a primary and secondary water spray with two electric diaphragm pumps, plastic lines and two PVC spray bars with hand-serviceable nozzles. No other manufacturer has primary plus secondary water spray systems with independent controls.

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