Volvo Dual Amplitude High Frequency Highway-Class Compactors

Updated Oct 6, 2010

Both the DD112HF and the DD132HF have been engineered to follow pavers moving at faster lay-down speeds while providing the optimum drum impact spacing. This can eliminate the need for additional breakdown compactors on the job. An industry-leading frequency of 4,200 vibrations per minute (70 hertz) for the DD112HF and 4,000 vibrations per minute (66.7 hertz) for the DD132HF gives these compactors the industry’s fastest rolling speeds with vibration. These machines also provide high amplitude drum performance for thicker lift applications, permitting greater flexibility without sacrificing productivity. 


Exclusive chamfered, radiused edges on the drum prevent drum marking and maintain smooth surfaces as the roller makes its passes. The DD112HF is powered by a Cummins four-cylinder engine; a Cummins six-cylinder engine is installed in the DD132HF. Both engines are turbocharged; the four-cylinder engine is also charge air-cooled. Hydrostatic direct drive of both drums provides gradeability and traction. 


Both compactors utiilize the SMART start system. Through this technology, the lead drum vibrates first and the trailing drum begins to vibrate at the same place as the lead drum for consistent mat quality and density. 

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