Caterpillar Releases New CB22, CB24, CC24 and CB32 Vibratory Utility Compactor

Updated Oct 6, 2010

Caterpillar announces the availability of the CB22, CB24, CC24 and CB32 Vibratory Utility Compactors (UCOM’s). These new machines maintain many of the field-proven features and designs of other Caterpillar paving products. They are versatile and highly maneuverable compactors that perform well on asphalt, soil, or base materials. Common applications include parking lots, lane additions, city streets, shoulders, road repairs/patching, sport/athletics facilities, tight areas in site development projects and working as support rollers on larger job sites. 


The CB22 is equipped with 1000 mm (39″) wide drums, generates high static forces and has a good ratio of weight to power, leading to high performance in tough applications.  


The CB24 is equipped with a 1200 mm (47″) drum and is the most versatile model in the utility compactor range. Its compact dimensions make it highly maneuverable for tight job sites, while its high static force allows it to be used on demanding mix types. 


The CB32 machine is fitted with a 1300 mm (51″) drum, offering more drum coverage than a CB24. Apart from the wider drum, the CB32 is similar in size making it easier to transport and maneuver than the larger Cat CB34 utility compactor. The CB32 is a good solution for rental stores or governmental agencies that require a 1300 mm (51″) drum width. 


The CC24 utility compactor offers the combination of a 1200 mm (47″) vibrating front drum and four, pneumatic tires at the rear. This combination provides a smooth, tight mat finish that is ideal for residential and commercial applications. 


The new Caterpillar® C1.5 diesel engine is U.S. EPA Tier 4a certified and provides a power rating and operating speed of 24.4 kW (33 hp) @ 2800 rpm. The fuel tank capacity of 56 L (14.8 gal) has increased by 17% over the previous version, extending operation between refills. The high travel speed of 10.5 kmph (6.5 mph) provides good mobility around the job site. The engine exhaust has been routed through the left side of the frame, increasing operator comfort. 


The already efficient cooling system offers a new fan shape and optimized fan speed in order to further improve the already low sound levels. The cooling system utilizes an aluminum radiator with large spaces between the cores that provide efficient cooling. The large core spaces also make cleaning quick and easy. A standard recovery bottle enables the coolant level to be visually verified. 


The vibratory system now features dual-frequency with a single amplitude. The dual-frequency system incorporates frequencies of 63 Hz (3,780 vpm) and 55 Hz (3,300 vpm) for good application versatility on both asphalt and soil. 


These machines include a standard auto-vibe function that stops drum vibration when the propel lever is moved to the neutral position. This function limits undesired waves on the mat surface that occur when changing direction. 


The vibratory system also includes a vibratory delay on the rear drum. This feature controls the start of the rear drum in order to assist power management on slopes. 


The water tank capacity has been increased by 10% compared to the previous version. The standard tank capacity is 150 L (39.6 gal) with the option to add another 90 L (23.7) for a total capacity of 240 L (63.4 gal). 


The large fill port is conveniently positioned near the rear of the machine in order to provide quick access for refills.  The spray nozzles are designed with a “drop stop” feature that prevents water distribution when the system is deactivated. The water spray system utilizes a new drain valve located on the water filter that allows the entire system to be drained in less than 10 minutes. 


The standard operating station, with a fixed position seat and armrest offers 51 mm (2″) of additional legroom over the previous version.  An optional sliding suspension seat provides three different seating positions for increased comfort and better visibility to the sides of the machine. Dedicated handrails assist the operator when mounting and dis-mounting the machine. 


The new hydraulic propel lever features a two-step regulating curve for smooth and precise control at low speed. The machine speed increases gradually in the first half of lever stroke for optimum control in confined areas. The second half of lever stroke quickly increases the propel speed for good mobility around the job site. 


The CB22, CB24, CB32 and CC24 vibratory utility compactors are all equipped with a new low profile engine hood that offers increased commonality with the other Cat utility compactors. They are designed for ease and speed of service.  The hydraulic routings have been grouped and designed for convenient access, while remote drains for the engine oil, hydraulic oil and cooling system provide for the collection of fluids in an ecological manner. 


Cat utility compactors offer many unique features that provide low day-to-day operating costs and ensure long-term reliability.

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