New combi rollers from Dynapac

Updated Oct 6, 2010

Two new 8-10t class combi rollers, the Dynapac CC224CHF, and a split-drum version, the CC234CHF, are introduced by Dynapac.  


Designed to achieve high quality surface finishes, the new Dynapac rollers are equipped with a very flexible sprinkler system for the tires with the possibility to choose between the central water tank or a separate emulsion tank. A secondary pump is integrated in the system. 


Operational features also includes “soft” starting and stopping to prevent bowing or cracking in the asphalt layers; allowing even unskilled roller operators to start and stop without leaving marks. 


New features simplify and speed servicing to guarantee maximum availability, such as a new scraper system for the wheels, easy to remove for daily maintenance. Use of a double pump vibration system eliminates the need for a vibration valve, making the system more efficient, aiding servicing and reducing fuel consumption.   


The units are powered by a Cummins QSB 3.3 T3 water-cooled turbo engine with after cooler and rated at 80 hp at 2200 rpm.  Also available is a 99 hp engine.   


Compaction Control 

For improved quality and ease of operation, the optional Dynapac Compaction Analyzer for Asphalt (DCA-A) provides accurate time information about the rolling, allowing the next pass to be planned, taking into account the asphalt temperature of each area. Tracking the number of passes makes it easy for the operator to maintain control of the pattern and achieve the best results. Better planning of the rolling operation also ensures jobs are carried out more efficiently, resulting in using less fuel. Further information can be provided through the optional Dynapac Compaction Analyzer software, which indicates the temperature in front of and behind the roller as well as the number of passes made on each section of the asphalt, for optimum compaction 


Operator efficiency 

High quality compaction is enhanced by optimizing the ergonomics, ensuring that operators have continuous visibility of the operation and easy access to the controls. The machines feature over three feet visibility and full view over drum surface, drum edge and sprinkler nozzles. 


With the engine relocated on the rear module, noise levels are reduced for the operator and engine heat is removed from the operator’s platform. It also gives easy serviceability with both engine and hydraulics fully accessible through the large hoods. Heat covers for the rubber wheels are available as an option. 


Many of the enhancements bring environmental benefits through reduced consumption and quieter operation. Efficiency enhancements have saved some 11 hp in the operation with consequent improvements in the running cost and noise. The Dynapac automatic engine idling system cuts the idling speed after 10 seconds at full rpm in neutral. This further reduces emissions, provides additional fuel savings and minimizes noise.

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