New Caterpillar® Fusion™ Wheel Loader Coupler System Brings Load Close to the Loader for High Performance with Expanded Versatility

Updated Oct 7, 2010

The Cat® Fusion™ Wheel Loader Coupler System pulls the coupler and work tool closer to the wheel loader for machine performance comparable to pin-on”with all the versatility and flexibility of a coupler. The patented design moves the center of gravity closer to the machine, yet the coupler enables the loader to conveniently pick up and use a wide range of work tools.

Fusion is designed for Caterpillar® wheel loader models ranging from the 924 to the 972, including the IT38 and IT62. The unique, single interface allows many machines to share the same work tools- a cost reducing system for multi-loader fleets.

Fusion also gives the operator excellent sight lines to the work tool, load and target location. The new, open coupler frame design makes it easier than ever before to engage and disengage attachments. Offset tines and other design attributes of Fusion Pallet Forks work in conjunction with the Fusion Coupler to increase visibility of the tines at ground and truck bed height for confident and efficient handling of palletized loads.

The Fusion Coupler System ensures a tight, rattle-free fit for solid work tool control and high productivity. Eliminating play also delivers maximum durability and reliability by reducing wear on the coupler/tool bearing surfaces. The design uses wedges to pull the attachment tight to the machine in two directions. Constant hydraulic pressure on the coupler wedges compensates for any wear.

For more information about the Fusion Wheel Loader Coupler System, customers should contact their local Cat dealer or visit

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