Rapid Reel® 100-foot Air Hose Reel

Updated Oct 7, 2010

The maintenance-free Air Hose Reel from Rapid Reel® delivers a durable option for the professional. Designed with heavy-duty, corrosion-proof materials and mounting versatility, this reel is perfect for any extreme-use setting.  


The Rapid Reel® 150-foot Air Hose Reel is innovatively designed to mount easily and quickly to any solid vertical or horizontal surface. The built-in, steel base plate makes installation effortless, and the weather-resistant powder-coat finish resists fading through years of use.


Pressed between the reel and the axle, the Air Hose Reel’s durable axle bushings will keep the reel spinning smoothly for years. Its break-resistant crank handle has a distinctive comfort grip designed to spin freely on the hose’s steel shaft, making rewinding an effortless task. The innovative method of securing the hose to the reel extends the life of both the hose and reel by protecting the swivel and hose fittings from hard pulls. The Rapid Reel® Air Hose Reel is backed by a 3-year warranty. 


Construction managers, site operation managers, retail garden center managers, greenhouse and nursery growers, professional landscape professionals, homeowners, gardeners, and others can learn more about Rapid Reel® and the 100-foot Air Hose Reel at www.rapidreel.com or by calling 866-523-2363. 


 More about Rapid Reel®:


Rapid Reel® is a family-owned business and manufacturer of low-maintenance, top-quality, durable hose reels for various industrial and consumer usages. Founded by John Eley and his three sons in their rural Nebraska farming community of Orchard in 1989, the company’s roots run deep in Midwestern virtues: the meaning of hard work and the value of quality tools, equipment and service. Rapid Reel® develops hose reels that are built to last while remaining committed to craftsmanship, customer service, and production of the most resilient reels in the industry. Constructed with durable materials and classic form-follows-function design, these reels have the distinct advantage of being the choice of homeowners and professionals who demand a higher standard of quality from their outdoor tools and equipment. 

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