Dual Agent Hose Reel Series 9300

Updated Oct 7, 2010



Dual agent hose reels, used primarily in firefighting applications, are designed to be mounted inside truck cabinets and swing out for easy access and operation. These reels come with a 3-way guide roller as standard to protect expensive twin hoses. Reels feature a corrosion resistant powder coat finish and lock pin to prevent de-reeling while truck is in motion.


¢Structural Strength Heavy gauge steel stampings with re-enforced ribs give added strength.

¢Dependable 1/2″ pitch chain is standard to reduce likelihood of chain stretching and jumping off the sprocket. Also, auxiliary bevel rewind offers additional rewind alternative.

¢ Ease of Use Reel mounts on a pivot to promote better access and guide rollers ensure that hose retracts smoothly.


Reelcraft offers a complete line of over 2,500 hose, cord and cable reels for a variety of applications. We also have full design and engineering capabilities if you are looking for a more tailored product. For more information visit us on the web at www.reelcraft.com.


  • 12V dc explosion proof motor
  • Auxiliary bevel gear and pinion rewind
  • Inlets: 2″ vic 90° X 1-1/2″ NPT(F) (left) & 1″ NPT(M) (right)
  • Outlets: 1″ NST(M) (Both)
  • Components are individually powder coated prior to assembly
  • 3-way guide roller
  • 300 PSI working pressure
  • Viton seals
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