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HOUSTON (June 23, 2008) ConocoPhillips Lubricants, the fourth largest U.S. lubricants supplier, today announced the upgrade of its TO-4 transmission oil products line to meet the increasing demands for higher performance fluids in today’s heavy duty machinery.  As part of the upgrade, the current line featuring Conoco PowerDrive Fluid, Phillips 66 Torque Fluid, 76 Lubricants HT/4 Fluid and Kendall Powershift Transmission Fluid will be enhanced with a state-of-the-art additive technology that provides better equipment protection and improved performance while increasing productivity through reduced equipment maintenance and related downtime, according to Reginald Dias, Director, Commercial Products Lubricants, ConocoPhillips Company.  


“We’re pleased to be the leader in the industry to recognize the evolving needs of today’s heavy duty equipment operators, and proactively address the wear and tear that modern machinery endures with our advanced additive technology,” said Dias.  “ConocoPhillips Lubricants’ upgraded transmission fluids not only meet or exceed the current industry specifications; they also provide elevated performance in friction control, load carrying capacity and the protection of hydraulic systems.” 


The new TO-4 fluids come in several different viscosity grades for use in the final drive gear box (heavy), transmission (medium) and hydraulics (light) systems.  The revised fluids directly replace the previous generation fluids and set a higher performance standard for lubricants used in loaders, graders, dozers, large trucks and other off-highway machinery, including construction, extraction and mining.  The product upgrade was specifically designed to increase productivity and safety while eliminating downtime and maintenance needs.  The upgraded TO-4 fluids will be available starting end of June, and will provide the following benefits: 

  • Optimized frictional properties: precise clutch engagement in transmissions and smooth, shudder-free wet brake operation
  • Excellent load carrying capability: gear protection against heavy loading and wear control to help prolong gear life and trouble-free operation in final drive gear sets
  • Excellent anti-wear protection and deposits control: reduction of wear and corrosion of critical parts in vane and piston pumps, steering and hoist systems; protection of pressure flow and directional valves against varnish and deposits
  • Yellow metal protection: corrosion protection for copper and copper alloy components, assure optimum performance and extend component life

“ConocoPhillips Lubricants identified a need for upgrading these transmission oils, expanding their capabilities and, most importantly, meeting our customers’ needs,” adds Dias. “Ultimately, these lubricants will help our customers become more successful by keeping their machines in optimum working order longer.”  

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