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Houston (August 11, 2008) – Conoco Phillips Company, the fourth largest U.S. lubricants supplier, today announced the introduction of Triton® ECT 5W40 Full Synthetic, a premium tier API CJ-4 diesel engine oil, made from high quality synthetic stocks and a stat-of-the-art advanced additive for use by customers who want enhanced engine performance from equipment operating in a wide range of temperatire and service conditions for lubrication of modern low emissions diesel engines with after-treatment devices and back serviceable for use in older engines specifying the previous categories of engine oils. Triton ECT 5W40 Full Synthetic will be available to Conoco Phillips Lubricants customers who buy products under the Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76 Lubricants brands, according to Reginald Dias, Director, Commercial Products, Conoco Phillips Company. 

“We are pleased  to offer our customers a new wide-grade full synthetic diesel engine oil that combines advantages of the synthetic stocks and performance of an advanced additive to deliver undiminished protection for heavy duty engines operating in extreme applications that range from high to low in temperature and service,” says Dias. “Triton ECT 5W40 Full Synthetic has the potential to improve fuel economy relative to a 15W40 oil, benefiting customers through reduced fuel usage. As the performance requirements and market conditions elevate the demand for superior quality heavy duty engine oils, Conoco Phillips Company is dedicated to offering newer products that meet industry specifications while exceeding our customers’ needs.” 


Triton ECT 5W40 Full Synthetic provides excellent soot control wear protection and low temperature oil pumpability for engines operating in extreme service conditions. Triton ECT 5W40 Full Synthetic meets lubrication requirements of engines compliant with 2007 low emissions regulations and meets heavy duty engine oil specifications for Catepillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack and VOLVO. 


Its unique features provide the following performance benefits: 

  • Improved soot handling: helps prevent oil thickening and reduces filter blockage and deposits
  • Increased oxidation stability: maintains oil quality by resisting oxidative breakdown
  • Better low temperature viscometrics: ensures rapid oil flow for proper lubrication at low temperatures and prevents wear at start-up
  • Low lead corrosion: prolongs bearing life by prevention of lead corrosion
  • Wear protection: reduces wear on critical parts and extends equipment life



Triton ECT 5W40 Full Synthetic is the latest addition to ConocoPhillips’ existing API CJ-4 heavy duty engine oil products line, and is available now in bulk and drums. 


“Providing today’s heavy duty equipment operators with a premium quality product like Triton ECT 5W40 Full Synthetic further establishes our position as a leader in this industry,” says Dias. â€śConocoPhillips continues to make our customers a priority by offering them new products for the emerging market, ultimately making them more successful.” 



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