Over the Tire Tracks Press Release

Updated Oct 20, 2010

Since 1975, Grouser Products’ tracks have grown to become a leader in the over-the-tire track market selling their tracks worldwide.  Over half of all tracks sold today are Grouser tracks; and all major skid steer manufacturers endorse Grouser tracks for their skid-steer loaders.


Approximately 50 percent of Grouser’s customers are contractors who use their skid steer loaders as their primary work tool, and need a “contractor” grade set of tracks.


 Today, Grouser offers three different track styles. All three styles feature Grouser’s patented open side plate, which allows excellent clean out in the pivot area for field adjusting.  On a cold, rainy day the importance of this unique feature cannot be overstated.  Grouser tracks also feature large 1-1/4 inch hardened, replaceable wear bushings and utilize a run loose design which provides maximum performance through traction, flotation, cleaning and low cost per hour to own.


 The number one selling over-the-tire track for Grouser is its Bar Tracks â€“ an open bar design that utilizes the tire to provide maximum traction and flotation in soft, muddy and loose soil conditions. The crossbars and traction bars are induction-hardened to provide extended wear.  These crossbars allow for maximum traction by allowing material to squeeze up into the track for the machine to push against.  Grouser’s design also places the most pad area beyond the face of the tire to increase flotation by as much as 50%.  The Bar Track is available for the most popular tire sizes, including 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 15.5.


Grouser engineers have also designed the Combo Track option in 10.00 and 12.00 tire sizes as an innovative offering for customers looking for the versatility of either hard and aggressive or smooth and sensitive surface track. It is designed with the same strength and durability as the crossbar pad, but the customer may order either the Hard Track or Soft Track® brand track depending on his application.


Utilizing the same base track components, the customer has a choice to replace the bolt-on insert pads with either the steel pad or the sensitive pad inserts. The surface sensitive pads are conducive to crossing hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.


Grouser offers an innovative array of attachments to make their tracks even more efficient and functional. Flotation plates can be bolted to the outside area of the pad to increase the footprint by 70 percent. These plates are ideal when conditions are so severe even tracks can’t keep the loader from sinking. There is also an ice and traction pick designed to greatly increase traction on ice, frozen ground, hard ground or wherever an extra push is needed


“A skid steer owner needs to look at tracks as an essential tool for increasing his productivity.  As always, they should do their homework on the different brands and styles of tracks that are available.  Talk to your dealers about the tracks that are recommended by their skid steer manufacturer and what track is best for their application.  The skid steer owner who has never operated a machine with steel tracks will never know what they is missing.  One who has cannot believe they have lived without them for so long.”

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