McLaren Introduces NU-AIR AT Semi-Pneumatic Tire For Durability and Cushioned Rides On Any Terrain

Updated Oct 8, 2010

McLaren Industries introduces the NU-AIR AT, a new All-Terrain tire for skid steers and backhoes that joins the company’s NU-AIR TYRE Series Semi-Pneumatic Tire product line. The NU-AIR AT combines the cushioned ride of pneumatic tires with the durability of solid tires, making it an ideal tire for work on any terrain. 


Featuring strategically placed holes throughout its specifically engineered sidewalls, the NU-AIR AT is resistant to cuts and snags in severe operating conditions. The placement and depth of the sidewall holes are designed to create proper cushioning for optimum machine performance and longevity. Unlike fully pneumatic tires, which provide shock absorption using compressed air, the NU-AIR AT will not flatten, eliminating downtime from unexpected punctures. 


The tread pattern design of the NU-AIR AT allows for more surface contact, which reduces the level of ground pressure and thus extends overall tire life. Manufactured from heavy-duty rubber compounds, the tires can withstand rough environments and heavy loads. Taking into account routine wear and tear, the life expectancy of the NU-AIR AT is several times longer than most pneumatic tires. The lifetime gap is even greater on hard surfaces like asphalt and pavement, where the NU-AIR AT is particularly effective. 


The NU-AIR AT is made with one-third more rubber than a standard tire, providing twice the tread depth of a standard pneumatic tire to optimize traction even in snow, sand or deep mud. Featuring a variety of tire and custom rim sizes, the NU-AIR AT is ideal for skid steers and backhoes. Included with the tire, the custom-fit rim offers easy installation. 


Due to its shock absorption ability, the NU-AIR AT also works well with over-the-tire tracks. Its flat-proof capability and increased load capacity complement over-the-tire tracks well in harsh work environments. 


McLaren Industries is a leading supplier of replacement rubber tracks for mini-excavators, track loaders, agricultural machines and carrier vehicles, flat-proof tires for skid steers and backhoes, and over-the-tire tracks for skid steers. For more information concerning McLaren Industries NU-AIR AT or the company’s complete product line, contact McLaren Industries, P.O. Box 7506, Torrance, CA 90504, call (310) 212-1333, toll free (800) 836-0040, fax (310) 212-6444, e-mail [email protected]or visit the company’s Web site at

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