Firestone® Introduces New DuraForce AT-R Radial Tires For Loader Backhoe Front Axles

DES MOINES, IOWA April 30, 2007 Loader backhoe owners who want to use radial tires on their equipment”s front axles- without the expense of buying new rims- now have two options available from in the Dual Form line of construction tires.

The Bridgestone Firestone Off Road Products Division is adding the new sizes of DuraForce radial tires specifically for the front axles of loader backhoes, according to David Ashby, product manager for the division.

The two new tires are:

  • 320/80 R18 DuraForce AT-R (approved rim widths 9.00 inches, 10.00 inches)

  • 340/80 R18 DuraForce AT-R (approved rim widths 10.00 inches, 11.00 inches)

Switching from bias to radial tires makes sense for several reasons, Ashby says.

“DualForce Radial tires iincrease forward and reverse traction significantly- up to 18% over bias equivalent- because their larger footprint reduces wheel slip,” he explains. “Because of the better traction, fuel efficiency improves as well compared with bias tires.”

Other radial benefits include:

  • Lowered costs per hour, since shorter cycle times may increase productivity.

  • Increased tire life- up to 33% extended wear-generates more working hours, less downtime, lower service costs and fewer tire replacements.

  • Reduced road vibration- the Duraforce AT-R features a harminically noise-treated tread design that reduces cab noise and road vibration for reduced operator fatigue and improved operational comfort.

“All of our DuraForce AT-R tires have these advantages in a package designed specifically for industrial tractors,” Ashby says. “The all-terrain tread design, with multiple-angle traction lugs, provides superior forward and reverse traction. That means the loader backhoe is capable of improved travel cycle times while operating under adverse surface conditions.”

Heavy-duty sidewalls protect the tire from cuts and impacts, and a rim deflector helps keep out debris to reduce flats and downtime, Ashby adds.

The Bridgestone Firestone Off Road Products Division, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC, also located in Nashville.

The Off Road Products Division consists of the Firestone Agricultural Tire Division in Des Moines, Iowa; Brigestone Firestone Off Road Tire Company in Nashville; and the tube division located in Russelville, Arkansas.

For more information on the Bridgestone Firestone Off Road Products Division and its products, call 1-800-847-3364 or visit us on the web at

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