Yokohama Tire Corporation Fact Sheet

Updated Oct 8, 2010

FULLERTON, CA (Dec. 11, 2008) Yokohama Tire Corporation provides a tire for every need.  Here are a few facts about some of Yokohama’s top offerings. For a complete list of tires and fitments, visit 



Off-the-road (OTR) tires 


RT41  Specially designed for articulated dump trucks.  The tread pattern design with non-directional block pattern provides both abrasion resistance and excellent traction on soft, rocky and gravel surfaces. Now available in 29.5R25 and 23.5R25 sizes.   


RB31  The tread pattern design with non-directional block pattern provides both abrasion resistance and excellent traction on soft surfaces. Two new sizes now available: 26.5R25 and 29.5R25. 


Y67 For hauling over rock, coal and long-strewn terrain. Tough tread resists cuts and snags. Less heat build-up enables smooth running over longer distances than the deep tread types. Specially designed for dump trucks and scrapers.


RT21 For use on motor graders.  The tread pattern with non-directional block pattern provides good traction and flotation on soft, muddy surfaces as well as better self-cleaning.


RL31 Specially designed for wheel loaders and dozers.  The rock flush pattern and shoulder protector provides excellent cut resistance for the tread and sidewall.


Tires for medium duty and long-haul trucking


NEW! 501ZA The latest addition using Zenvironment technology, containing a rugged casing for on-and-off highway applications. Available in 2008.


NEW! 103ZR Second tire produced using Zenvironment technology that produces longer tread life and lower rolling resistance, for improved fuel economy. Available in late 2008.


703ZL The first tire produced using Yokohama’s Zenvironment technology, which uses high-technology to produce tires that are more fuel efficient and help protect the environment. Features the deepest tread in the industry at one full inch with the lowest rolling resistance in its category.


NEW! dB Super E-spec


Yokohama’s environmentally-friendly tire, which combines citrus oil with natural rubber to form a new compound called “Super Nano-Power Rubber”, is coming to the U.S. in 2009. The dB Super E-spec will be available in four sizes: 195/55R16 86V for Toyota Prius; 185/65R15 88H for Toyota Prius; 195/65R15 91H for Honda Civic Hybrid/Civic GX NGV; and 215/60R16 95V for both the Toyota Camry Hybrid and Honda Accord Hybrid. The dB Super E-spec won Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award at the recent 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.


NEW! Eco Race Tire


Eco Race Tire is The Yokohama Rubber Company’s environmentally-friendly experimental race tire which, like the dB Super E-spec, uses citrus oil. Citrus oil allows for more natural and sustainable materials to be used, while increasing the grip capability in natural rubber. The Eco Race Tire was tested recently at the Tokachi 24-hour endurance race on a Nissan 350Z, which placed a respectable fourth.®


Yokohama’s latest high-performance tire line provides extraordinary grip and handling in wet and dry conditions thanks to its use of nanotechnology.  More than 60 sizes are currently available. 





Yokohama’s most advanced ultra-high-performance technology. ADVAN Sport® Asymmetric tread design for extreme grip and durability. The flagship of the ADVAN line.


ADVAN Neova® – Micro-silica compound provides best dry traction in the business.


ADVAN A048® Exceptional performance for circuit-style hardcore racers. 


ADVAN S.4.® An all-season ultra-high performance tire for premium sedans and coupes.


ADVAN S.T.®    Designed for the world’s fastest SUVs. 


The newest member of the ADVAN family is the ADVAN Neova AD08, an updated version of the iconic ADVAN Neova AD07.  The all-new AD08 will be released in the U.S. in mid-2009 and will be available in 32 sizes, ranging from 15-19 inches.


W.Drive Winter tire made for high-performance sports sedans and SUVs. Provides V-speed rating while exceeding industry standards for severe snow handling.


iceGuard iG20 Winter weather meets its match thanks to Yokohama’s advanced traction technologies, which feature exclusive resin-coated shelled microbubbles.


AVID® Yokohama’s most popular line:


NEW! AVID Touring-S Latest model in the line offering exceptional ride quality, stability, safety and durability. Available in 19 sizes ranging from 175/65R14 to 225/60R17.           


AVID W4s Handles the rigors of high-performance driving in any season. W-speed rated tire available in 18 sizes ranging from 205/40R17 to 255/35R20.


AVID H4s® All-season handling and high-speed stability with a 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (except 40- and 45-series sizes).


AVID V4s® V-speed rated all-season handling with a 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (except 40- and 45-series sizes).


AVID TRZ® Asymmetrical tread, all-season touring performance with an 80,000 limited treadwear warranty.



GEOLANDAR® Yokohama’s high-performance line for light trucks and SUVs:


GEOLANDAR I/T-GO72 – Winter tire for today’s high-torque and high-horsepower SUVs and light trucks.  Provides unparalleled winter traction thanks to Yokohama’s advanced traction technologies.


GEOLANDAR A/T-S® All-Terrain tire with powerful on- and off-road performance.


GEOLANDAR H/T-S® Extensive line-up addresses the needs of OE replacements, performance inch-up, and light commercial applications.


GEOLANDAR M/T+® Directional tread pattern provides unprecedented off-road traction.


PARADA® Yokohama’s line of tires in which aggressive design meets responsive control, for inch-up applications in today’s heavier vehicles or street-tuned cars:


 PARADA Spec-X® Ultimate looks, unidirectional tread and all-season performance specifically designed as a plus-sized fitment for today’s heavier vehicles.


 PARADA Spec.2® Massive, radical diagonal tread blocks. Rim protector bar helps prevent curb scuffing of expensive wheels.  


Original equipment tires


Yokohama Tire Corporation provides specialized tires as original equipment for many manufacturers, including Audi, Chrysler, Lexus, Lotus, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota. Yokohama is also OE on the 135-mph electric Tesla Roadster.


Yokohama Tire Corporation is the North American manufacturing and marketing arm of Tokyo, Japan-based The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., a global producer and distributor of premium tires since 1917. Servicing a network of more than 4,500 points of sale in the U.S., Yokohama Tire Corporation offers a complete line of tires, including high-performance, light truck, passenger car, commercial truck and bus, as well as off-the-road mining and construction applications. For more information on Yokohama’s extensive product line, visit


Yokohama is a strong supporter of the tire care and safety guidelines established by the Rubber Manufacturers Association and the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration. Details can be found at the “Taking Care of Your Tires” section at

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