Caterpillar® D6N Track-Type Tractor Improved with New Engine, SystemOne™ Undercarriage and AccuGrade® Ready Option

Updated Oct 20, 2010

Caterpillar has updated the D6N track-type tractor with an efficient new engine featuring ACERT® Technology, a durable SystemOne™ undercarriage with oscillating track roller frame, and a factory-installed on-board platform that allows easy installation of the AccuGrade® Laser or GPS system. Additional changes enhance the operator station, structures and serviceability for greater productivity and durability and lower operating costs. The D6N continues to deliver best-in-class productivity and performance from first cut to finish contour.

The Cat® engine with ACERT Technology meets worldwide emissions standards and delivers 150 horsepower (111.8 kW) at the flywheel. The D6N weighs 36,497 pounds (16 555 kg) with the XL (extended length) undercarriage and 39,112 pounds (17 741 kg) with the LGP (low ground pressure) undercarriage. Responsive power and differential steer help make the D6N a productive dozing and grading machine. 

Powerful engine meets emissions requirements

The D6N is equipped with the Caterpillar C6.6 engine with ACERT Technology. The engine uses the ADEM™ A4 advanced electronic controller and common rail fuel injection for precise fuel delivery, resulting in outstanding lugging performance and lower emissions. Emissions meet US EPA Tier 3 and worldwide emissions requirements.

Serviceability also has been enhanced with the addition of a standard electric fuel-priming pump with integrated fuel/water separator. Electronic monitoring systems alert the operator when service is required for the engine air cleaner and fuel/water separator. 

The drive train features the Caterpillar Multi Velocity Program (MVP), which allows operators to choose from five different speed ranges in both forward and reverse. Selected operating speeds have been optimized to provide the best performance, fuel economy and drawbar pull for a variety of applications. The engine speed in each range adapts automatically to provide a smooth, comfortable and productive machine. 

Undercarriage enhances machine stability, provides long life and quick cycle times

The D6N undercarriage features an oscillating track roller frame, which keeps more of the track on the ground in uneven terrain. The result is increased machine stability, decreased ground shock to the machine and a smoother, more comfortable ride. 

To further reduce operating costs and extend undercarriage life up to 70 percent, the Caterpillar SystemOne undercarriage is standard on the D6N. This innovative undercarriage system has proven to outperform sealed and lubricated track and heavy-duty track across a wide range of applications and operating conditions. With SystemOne each component has been designed to work together as a system, to ensure balanced component wear and longer life. 

SystemOne combines a bushing that rotates with a center-tread-idler to provide the D6N with the capability for high-speed operation in both forward and reverse. SystemOne eliminates accelerated wear on the bushings and sprockets when operating in reverse. As a result, cycle times can be reduced without sacrificing undercarriage life. 

AccuGrade ready option, comfortable cab 

The AccuGrade Attachment Ready Option includes all of the changes needed to machine systems- electrical, hydraulic, blade and cab. Mounting brackets on the blade allow easy installation of the masts. Similarly, brackets and plug-in points in the cab accommodate the display. AccuGrade allows automatic control of blade lift and tilt and delivers both high productivity and consistent accuracy. 

The redesigned operator station provides excellent visibility to the work area and reduces sound and vibration levels. Standard air conditioning and the C500 air suspended seat help the operator remain efficient throughout the work shift. 

The D6N combines a powershift transmission, differential steering and SystemOne undercarriage for outstanding maneuverability and precise blade control- delivering best-in-class performance and productivity from first cut to finish contour. For more information about the Caterpillar D6N, customers should contact their local Caterpillar dealer or visit the Cat web site at
Basic Specifications for D6N Track-Type Tractor

   D6N XL  D6N LGP 
Engine  Cat C6.6  Cat C6.6 
Flywheel power  150 hp (111.8 kW)  150 hp (111.8 kW) 
Operating weight  36,497 lb (16 555 kg)  39,112 lb (17 741kg) 
Transmission  Planetary powershift  Planetary powershift 
Length of track on ground  101.6 in. (2581 mm)  122.7 in. (3117 mm) 
Track gauge  74.4 in. (1890 mm)  85 in. (2160 mm) 
Blade capacity   4.16-5.6 cu yd
 (3.18-4.28 cu m) 
4.13 cu yd (3.16 cu m) 
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