Subaru Conventional Generators Deliver Power for Multi-Duty and Industrial Applications

Updated Oct 21, 2010

WOOD DALE, Ill. – Subaru presents its line of conventional generators, constructed to handle the tough, rugged demands of contractors, homeowners and recreational users while meeting environmental standards. The RGX2900, RGX3600, RGX4800 and RGX4800E models use Subaru EX series overhead cam engines, with maximum outputs ranging between 2,900 and 4,800 watts. The RGV6100, RGV6100E, RGV7500, RGV7500E, RGV12100 and RGV13100T use Subaru EH series overhead valve engines. Maximum outputs for the RGV line range from 5,800 to 13,000 watts.  


Each engine series is highly efficient, allowing for less fuel consumption and greater run times while meeting or exceeding environmental standards. An automatic idle control comes standard on most conventional models to lower the engine speed when no electrical power is needed, which further lessens fuel consumption while minimizing noise. Sound-suppressing air cleaners paired with an extra-large muffler also contribute to quieter operation. A U.S. Forestry-approved spark arrestor comes standard, as well.  


Subaru’s conventional generators feature a high surge capacity, taking on up to 150 percent of the rated power for as long as 20 seconds. An automatic decompression system couples with an easy-pull recoil starter or electronic ignition system to provide easy, reliable starting performance. Additionally, the tough steel construction of each generator houses a large zinc-plated steel fuel tank and durable electric components that feature copper windings with high temperature insulation. Solenoid-actuated AC circuit breakers provide reliable overload protection on the units while GFCI receptacles help ensure operator safety.  


Besides power differences, the conventional generators also feature differing options based on size and needs for each model. All RGX models come standard with an hour meter, which is especially useful in the rental industry for ensuring scheduled maintenance is completed. The RGV6100 and 6100E come with a voltmeter, while the larger RGV units include both a voltmeter and hour meter.  


The largest, industrial models – the single-phase RGV12100 and three-phase RGV13100T – feature low-pressure oil gauges, electric starters and wheel kits. Two-wheel kits are optional on the other conventional generator models, which also include a low-oil shutdown system.  


In addition to its conventional generators, Subaru also offers a line of inverter generators. All Subaru generators feature a 2-Year Limited Warranty that covers the entire unit. 


Subaru generators are manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan. Fuji Heavy Industries is a diversified manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, aircraft, buses, rolling stock, and industrial engines and equipment. Subaru power products are marketed and supported in North America by Robin America, Inc., a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries. For more information on its line of generators, contact Robin America, Inc., 940 Lively Boulevard, Wood Dale, IL 60191, call 800-277-6246 or 630-350-8200, fax 630-350-8212, e-mail [email protected] or visit the Web site at

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