Atlas Copco’s new QAS 45 generator

Updated Oct 20, 2010

October, 2008: The introduction of the QAS 45 updates the 45 kVA power offering from Atlas Copco. 38 kW of prime power will be built in the Rock Hill, South Carolina, facility. 


Using a Kubota engine with a Stamford alternator, this model replaces the QAS 38 model.  The engine has an Interim Tier 4 system. Standard features that make Atlas Copco a preferred generator include: high capacity fuel tank, a rugged Zincor steel enclosure that is made to withstand extreme weather conditions, large doors and service plates for easy access, 500 hours between service intervals for lower cost of ownership, and a 110% containment area for fluid spills. All components are produced and tested to exacting standards for optimum performance in the most demanding conditions.  


Popular options available on this generator are a battery charger and battery switch, a coolant heater, and a wireless remote start. Extended warranties are also available. A comprehensive instrument panel enables all key operating functions to be supervised without opening the canopy. Protected by a tough transparent cover, the single panel provides easy start up and control of the generator. The panel also provides full system monitoring to ease operation.

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