HONDA GENERATORS EU1000i – EU2000i – EU3000i

Updated Oct 20, 2010

Computers and other power sensitive electronic equipment require consistent electrical current that has a stable sine wave or signal.  A computer not receiving this type of power could possibly freeze, shut down, or be interrupted.  To overcome this problem, Honda engineers developed a revolutionary form of inverter technology. This process takes the raw power produced by the generator and passes it through a special microprocessor that provides ultra-clean power with a sine wave equal to or better than AC current from a standard household wall outlet. 

All Honda EU series generators feature inverter technology. These super quiet series generators feature a totally enclosed body that results in noticeably quieter performance which make them ideal for camping, RVing, home backup, public events or any situation where quiet operation is critical.    

Honda’s advanced inverter technology makes the EU model generators extremely lightweight and portable.  EU models also deliver great fuel efficiency due to the exclusive Eco-Throttle system which automatically adjusts engine speed to the optimum level, given the usage load, through a load-dependent speed control-type governor. This not only results in excellent fuel economy, but also makes a quiet generator even quieter.   For extra power demands, two identical EU generators can be linked in parallel to increase available wattage through the generator outlets. (n/a for EU6500is) 




o        EU1000i-offers 1000 watts of super-quiet power that can run 4.0 to 8.3 hours on a single tank, depending on load.  Perfect for lights, fans, TVs and small power tools. 

o        EU2000i-offers 2000 watts of extremely quiet, lightweight and fuel-efficient power.  This model can operate a wide variety of appliance and can run 4.0 to 15 hours on a single tank, depending on load.  Ideal for microwaves, coffee pots, hair dryers and refrigerators. 

o        EU3000i-offers 3000 watts of super-quiet power capable of running many types of appliances and can run 7.2 to 20 hours on a single tank depending on load.  An excellent source of power for most 13,5000 BTU RV a/c units and basic home backup. 


Model                  EU1000i                   EU2000i                  EU3000i           



GXH50 (50 cc) 

GX100 (98.5 cc) 

GX200 (196 cc) 

AC Output 

120V 1000W max (8.3A) 9000 W rated (7.5A) 

120V 2000W max (16.7A) 1600W rated (13.3A) 

120V 3000W max (25A) 2800W rated (23.3A) 

DC Output 

12V, 96W (8A) 

12V, 96W (8A) 

12V, 144W (12A) 

Starting System 



Recoil, electric 

Fuel tank capacity 

0.6 gal 

1.1 gal 

3.4 gal 

Run time per thankful 

3.8 hrs @ rated load,  

8.3 hrs. @ ¼ load 

4 hrs. @ rated load, 

15.0 hrs @ ¼ load 

7.2 hrs.@ rated load, 

20.0 hrs. @ ¼ load 

Dimensions LxWxH 

117.7″ x 9.4″ x 15.0″ 

20.1″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″ 

25.8″ x 18.9″ x 22.4″ 

Noise level 

59db @ rated load             53 db at ¼ load 

59db @ rated load            53 db at ¼ load 

58db @ rated load,           49 db at ¼ load 

Dry Weight 

29 lbs. 

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