REDMOND, WASH. (May 18, 2009) Powering jobsites near you are the newest additions to the Terex® line of generators, the all new Terex® T240 and the design-enhanced T180. A Tier 3 compliant engine, permanent magnet generator (PMG), 110 percent environmental spill containment and a shared user interface with all of the Terex® generators are standard on both the T240 and T180 models.

The new T240 satisfies a market need within the Terex® generator product line providing users with an affordable generator option at 190 kW (237 kVA). The redesigned T180 features a new cabinet design with impressive additions such as the double-walled 110 percent spill containment feature ensuring all onboard fluids, including fuel, are containable in the event of a spill. In addition, the new overlapping sheet metal design of the cabinet, also on the T240, reduces noise and water ingress.

The new T240 generator is not only capable of powering a tower crane, but highly competent for regular construction site projects, said David Spears, Terex AWP Product Manager, Power Products. These model additions are part of our bigger movement to simplify Terex® generators allowing fleet owners to benefit from parts commonality, consistency in maintenance, cleaning and more.

With the T240 and T180, users are able to easily monitor all electrical loads and engine functions through an analog gauge package. The controller presents a simple user interface including manual and automatic settings. The powerful, dependable Tier 3 compliant Cummins engines are governed for frequency control of plus or minus .25 percent.

The T240 and T180 can be utilized simultaneously from three phase and single phase receptacles. As with all Terex® generators, user safety is a top priority. Power distribution is electrically interlocked to ensure that all power to the distribution board ceases when the door is open. The standard-issued PMG provides users with excellent responsiveness, serviceability and isolation. Due to simple, single-bearing construction, the PMG allows for ease of disassembly and service when maintenance is required. In addition, both models have large engine bay doors and panels which provide easy access to serviceable areas like the generator and electrical components.

The Terex® T240 and T180 are backed by Genie 360°- a complete collection of value-added services including technical support, reconditioning services, training and more.

The T180 is currently available in North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.
The T240 will be available in the same regions starting June 22, 2009.

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