Updated Oct 21, 2010

STATESVILLE, N.C. – Doosan Infracore Portable Power offers four models of portable generators that provide power for certain situations where a reliable power source may not be available. Each generator is designed for extended operating intervals and has an industry-leading number of standard features. These industrial-grade generators are engineered for years of tough, dependable performance, yet provide user-friendly features. 


Portable generators are best used in applications that include powering air compressors, air conditioners, appliances, battery chargers, heaters, lighting, power tools, service / repair / utility vehicles, small construction trailers, or water pumps and irrigation systems. 


The G2H and G3H portable generators feature a lightweight, compact design for easy lifting during loading and unloading – the G2H weighs only 64 pounds and the G3H weighs 90 pounds. Power is delivered through 120-volt GFCI duplex outlets with individual circuit breakers. The G2H has 2.6 kilowatts of maximum power with 2.3 kilowatts of continuous power; the G3H has 2.9 kilowatts maximum power with 2.5 kilowatts of continuous power. Both are powered by easy-starting, ultra-quiet Honda engines. 


The two larger units in the line are the G5H and G7HE. The G5H has 5 kilowatts of surge power with 4 kilowatts of continuous power; the G7HE has 7 kilowatts of surge power with 6 kilowatts of continuous power. These units are also powered by a rugged and reliable Honda engine that provides superb reliability. Both models have an auto-idle feature that controls engine speed, to slow the engine during idle operation. This feature minimizes fuel consumption, reduces wear on connected electrical loads and extends engine life. The 45-degree engine and alternator isolators on these units are engineered to reduce vibration, which extends the overall life of all components. 


The deluxe control panels on the G5H and G7HE units are equipped with two 120-volt duplex outlets, one 120-volt twist-lock outlet, and one 240-volt twist-lock accessory outlet. The control panel on each unit features an individual circuit breaker, hour meter, idle control switch, and voltage selector. The panel offers versatile power configurations to maximize each generator’s utilization. 


These units are designed with a vented engine / generator shield that prevents damage to the machines from jobsite debris while providing adequate airflow for cooling. The G5H and G7HE also come standard with an extra-large eight-gallon fuel tank that delivers industry-leading operating intervals – nine hours or more of continuous operation. A needle-type fuel gauge informs the operator when refueling is required. A low oil level protection feature prevents starting and operating when insufficient oil is detected.  


For more information, please visit www.doosanportablepower.com.

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