Increase diversity with new features in the XATS 375 Compressor

February, 2009: These portable compressors are workhorses. Providing greater horsepower up to 150 psi and featuring Atlas Copco™s new C111 element for improved compression efficiency, the XATS 375 JD6 compressor is ideal for demanding applications, including sandblasting and plumbing applications. It is also one of the most popular models, providing both low and high pressure variants. Construction sites can use this compressor to run multiple tools at one time, such as for bridge reconstruction or refurbishment, or for fiber optic laying.  The XC 2002 control module with LCD display puts integrated engine electronics for performance and diagnostics at your fingertips.


Recent features on this compressor include a skid-mount version available for customers who don™t need the undercarriage. Aftercooler and water separator options for cleaner air quality as well as PD/QD filters can also be added for the cleanest air possible. A thermostatic bypass valve option is available for cool climates. This valve causes the oil to bypass the cooler, keeping it in the compressor element until it reaches a specific temperature. This feature is much easier on the air-ends.


The standard features you need for all your specific applications are in this compressor. This includes an extremely reliable John Deere engine with Tier 3 emission compliance. The XATS 375 has the ability to operate under widely varying climatic conditions with a water-cooled engine, a large capacity oil cooling system, and high efficiency, heavy-duty two-stage intake filters with filter replacement indicators. The highly efficient oil separator system means low oil consumption, and a large capacity fuel tank placed low allows for excellent road handling at all fill levels as well as easy filling. It also includes a properly positioned oil filter for clean replacement.


There are gull wing doors for easy access to the engine and a large tool box for storage. The machine components have few moving parts for minimum mechanical wear. There is also greater access to all components for maintenance and servicing, and the rugged build makes it a reliable machine.

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