STATESVILLE, N.C. ” The Ingersoll Rand NHP1500 oil-free air compressor is a highly specialized rental unit designed for applications that require a high level of air purity. NHP1500 compressors meet or exceed quality air requirements for clean air environments such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food manufacturing, electronic and oil refineries.


The NHP1500 delivers 1,500 cubic feet per minute of continuous air at 60 to 150 pounds per inch. It operates efficiently by eliminating the need to reduce flow as the pressure is increased. The two-stage oil-free airend is made up of precision-machined rotors and finished with an UltraCoat sealant to resist corrosion. The NHP1500 can run continuously at full load for 10 hours with the onboard fuel tanks, or connect by standard fuel quick connects to an external tank for extended continuous running.


Doosan Infracore Portable Power is the only manufacturer that offers a patented condensate burn-off system in an air compressor. This feature eliminates condensation by injecting collected water into the exhaust system for flash evaporation instead of allowing water to run onto the ground or freeze in cold climates. The NHP1500 also features an environmentally friendly fluid containment system that allows for 100 percent of all fluids to dump into a double-wall, sealed container within the machine and 10 percent more without spillage.


The complexity of the NHP1500 and nature of the applications this machine was designed for requires that it is continuously monitored. The Intellisys® control system is a comprehensive operational diagnostic and safety interface. The system is a highly intuitive computer system that runs the machine and accurately matches the air output to system requirements allowing for optimal efficiency. The Intellisys system can be fine-tuned very quickly to run all operations of the machine at start-up.


Because the main function of the NHP1500 in most applications is to provide standby power, auto-start is a key optional feature. Auto-start links with the NHP1500″s onboard computer to detect when the main air supply shuts down and automatically starts the machine to provide continuous air to the facility.

A visual and audible warning system alerts individuals within close proximity that the machine is starting up.


Because the NHP1500 is designed to operate virtually on its own, maintenance needs to be quick and easy. All fluid systems on the compressor are conveniently located for easy access to monitor levels and service when necessary. An optional feature is the oil replenishment system that maintains sufficient lubrication of the engine between servicing.


The Ingersoll Rand NHP1500 is designed to provide pure, clean air in any climate. It performs well in very hot and humid weather, as well as in temperatures that dip below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. A cold-weather protection system improves the time the machine takes to come up to working temperature.


The NHP1500 and other Ingersoll Rand air compressors are manufactured by Doosan Infracore Portable Power at its facility in Statesville, N.C.


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