STATESVILLE, N.C. ” Doosan Infracore Portable Power has launched the new Ingersoll Rand XXHP1250/XHP1450FCAT open-frame air compressor for use in environments where a small footprint, a high-flow and extra-high-pressure system is required. This new unit is ideal in applications such as underbalanced, quarry and water-well drilling, as well as nitrogen generation, offshore drilling or in general industry. 


The XXHP1250/XHP1450FCAT combines a package length of only 15 feet 6 inches and a width of 89 inches with a free air delivery of 1,450 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at 350 pounds per inch (psi) and 1,250 cfm at 500 psi; providing a small footprint and the highest power density in the industry in terms of the flow/pressure combination from a standard compressor package. 


The XXHP1250/XHP1450FCAT compressor is powered by a 700-horsepower Caterpillar C-18T 6-cylinder diesel engine. This compressor package is designed to run as clean as possible while maximizing fuel efficiency. The package comes standard with an aftercooler, allowing water to be removed from the air for more controlled quality of air for downhole drill or membrane applications. The oil carryover is less than 2 parts per million (ppm), resulting in less contamination of filter membranes and reduced oil cost between changes.


The large airend oil reservoir and quad-filter filtration assures long life of the oil and increased life of the internal components. In addition, the XXHP1250/XHP1450FCAT has simple two-way ball valve discharge piping, together with clean electromechanical control systems. 


The compressor offers long life and reliability. Troubleshooting and maintenance are easy.  The coolers are easily cleaned because there are no pivots or movements.  Hinged side panels provide access to the single wall of heat exchangers making it easy to clean to the compressor™s oil coolers, aftercooler, radiator, CAC and fuel cooler. The fuel cooler is standard and prevents fuel heating at low reservoir levels, which can reduce fuel efficiency and power.  Cold weather 24-VDC orifice and regulation heaters are standard, and the XXHP1250/XHP1450FCAT uses simple, mechanical pressure regulation and features a butterfly unloader valve for years of worry-free service.


Piping is used instead of hoses or metal flex where possible to minimize the likelihood of failures by extending service life and to reduce pressure drop in the system for improved customer productivity.  Other options for this compressor include two 4D 1400 CCA batteries and a day tank for fuel, truck and trailer shock mounts, a spark arrestor and engine overspeed shutdown. 





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The control panel provides a simple and intuitive interface with seven backlit analogue gauges, a key start and microprocessor control providing additional assistance in maintenance and service.  All the key engine and compressor fault codes are displayed, and construction grade switches ensure years of reliability in service.  


The electric harness is efficiently routed and is supplied to an automotive grade finish, whereby crimps are soldered and splices are ultrasonically welded. The compressor has continuous wire printing for ease of tracing and sealed connectors to handle harsh environments. Another feature is the centralized fuse location. Belt adjustment ensures that the engine hub can be adjusted without removal of the fan guard.


Innovation with durability can be found throughout the compressor with an electronic oil temperature control bypass valve (eOTBV) to maintain discharge temperature and prevent water formation in the oil while maximizing oil life and reliability of the airend.  The control system allows variable flow from 1250 1450 cfm during operation between 350 psi and 500 psi to maximize customer productivity based on the needs of the application.


The XXHP1250FCAT is part of the Ingersoll Rand portable compressor range from Doosan Infracore Portable Power, one of the most comprehensive air compressor lines on the market. Thirty-four models covering free air deliveries from 65 1600 cfm at output pressures from 100 to 500 psi. 


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