STATESVILLE, N.C. ” Doosan Infracore Portable Power has delivered 19 new Ingersoll Rand P260WIR TACOM air compressors to complete an order with the Marine Corps Systems Command. The air compressors were delivered at the end of August for deployment to combat engineers, engineer support battalions, artillery regiments, ground combat support and Marine Corps air wings.


These Ingersoll Rand air compressors were first designed for Tank Automotive Command of the U.S. Army (TACOM). Since that time, the Marine Corps has added the compressors to their operations. Doosan Infracore Portable Power has built and provided more than 50 of these TACOM compressors to the Marines over the past year.


The oil-flooded rotary screw P260WIR air compressors have a flow capacity of 260 cfm at 100 psig. The tandem axle units feature the world™s most reliable airend along with a large storage area to meet the most demanding military needs in the field. The compressor™s trailer is composed of high-strength steel with a front support leg and rear stabilizing jacks along with lifting rings for air drops by parachute. The trailer is also equipped with blackout lights for night-time operation.


The P260WIR compressors are powered by an efficient direct-injection Ingersoll Rand 79 Bhp, 2,300 rpm diesel engine, and a high-capacity 29-gallon fuel tank for extended runtime. They have a 24-volt electrical system, and are equipped with a NATO slave receptacle for jump-starting and/or battery-charging. A full gauge panel has warning lights and automatic safety shutdowns for system faults.


The capabilities of these air compressor packages make them ideal for the needs of the Marines, says Marc James, government sales manager for Doosan Infracore Portable Power. This unit is really the Swiss Army knife of compressors. It provides an all-in-one tool package for demolition and construction.


These P260WIR compressors are designed to go into the field with as many tools and accessories as possible for immediate use in almost any construction or demolition scenario. They can be towed through almost any terrain, dropped by parachute, and operate in any environment.


The specially built rugged compressors will be deployed for years. They may even join fleets with older P250WIR compressors working throughout the world that were delivered over 25 years ago, James said.


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The compressor™s trailer platform includes a double hose reel and complete tool storage system. The six tool boxes allow for carrying a full array of pneumatic and electric tools, including additional hoses and all necessary accessories. Tools include pavement breakers, rock drills, a wood drill, water pump, circular saw, chain saw, chippers, cordless drills and hand, ear and eye protection.


Our manufacturing team took great pride in the assembly of these complex units. They took care in meeting the strict specifications knowing these units were being used by U.S. troops all around the world, James said.


A dedicated manufacturing team at the Doosan Infracore Portable Power manufacturing facility in Statesville, N.C., was organized to take on the responsibility of compressor assembly. Before assembly began, the team conducted an in-depth review to develop and implement a streamlined assembly process and action plan, according to Joe Bellomo, operations manager.


The TACOM team made us proud by demonstrating teamwork in coming together to achieve a common goal, Bellomo said. Their hard work and dedication, from operations and engineering through assembly and quality control, was critical to complete and deliver these TACOM units on time to support Marine operations.


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