Chicago Pneumatic launches new gas powered breaker handy, portable and versatile!

Updated Oct 21, 2010

Chicago Pneumatic introduces its new gas powered breaker, the Red Hawk. This is a tough and easy to handle tool that doesn’t depend on an external power source with hoses or cables attached. 

It is an ideal tool for quick jobs and easy portability, such as use in breaking concrete, cutting asphalt, tamping and compacting soil, driving posts, fences, rods or spikes, in soil sampling and in driving profiles and tubes. Transportation to and from a worksite is a piece of cake in a van or the back of a car.   

The vibration level is unmatched in this tool class: 2,4 m/s2 is by far the lowest level on  the market. Thanks to new vibration-dampening handles, a slim body design and a low service weight of 50 pounds (22.5 kg), Red Hawk is a tool that offers maximum ergonomic protection and easy handling for the operator.  

An easy engine start, due to efficient choke control and carburettor, rounds off a state of the art product that completes the Chicago Pneumatic handheld product range. 

Since 1901, Chicago Pneumatic has been well-known for its pneumatic tools. In 2008 a wide range of Chicago Pneumatic handheld hydraulic tools has been added and the new gas powered Red Hawk breaker is now rounding off the handheld range.

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