Take Your Concrete Floors to the Next Level with The Screed Rail: a Laser Guided Form System

Updated Oct 22, 2010

Allen Engineering is pleased to introduce an innovative system for producing level concrete floors (as measured by FL Numbers) when using hand held floater screeds. The Screed Rail: a Laser Guided Form System is a versatile system that can be used with any make of floater screed for quick and easy wet screeding of large elevated pours where high FL  (levelness) Numbers are demanded. The Screed Rail System comes with a set of two rails with floats and laser level adjustable ends (Laser beacon/receiver and portable screed not included).

The Screed Rail Laser Guided Form System offers concrete contractors the following advantages:

•Greatly Improves Floor Levelness (your best FL’s wet screeding become your “bad day” FL’s when you use the Screed Rail)

•Increases Floor Flatness (Typically increases your FF more than 50%)

•Tightly Controls Elevation (Maintains 80% of elevation reading +/- ¼”)

•Eliminates “call backs” (No longer be the subject of these dreaded “after it’s done” job site meetings)

•Raises your Company’s Image (Dramatically improved slab quality will get you noticed)

•Produces Bid Opportunities (Be the “go-to-guy” for high FL hand screeded slabs)

•Significantly Reduces your Risk (Crews can routinely exceed FL 20 specs on all types of elevated decks)

•Delivers all the above at the Speed & Cost of wet-screeding!

For more information, visit the Allen Concrete Equipment web site at www.allenconquip.com.

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