Updated Oct 22, 2010

STATESVILLE, N.C. – The rapid screed from Doosan Infracore Portable Power is a hand-held concrete screed that offers concrete contractors the combination of heavy-duty design and dependable power. The adjustable, offset handlebars provide easy operation and balanced maneuverability while integrating a “set it and forget it” throttle system. The enclosed bearing and power transfer systems, coupled with a no-lube shaft and bearings, makes this Ingersoll Rand screed virtually maintenance-free. 


The RS-15H rapid screed is available with a 1.5-horsepower, four-cycle Honda engine. This engine runs more quietly, is cleaner, uses straight gas, and is more fuel-efficient than two-cycle engines. The weight of the engine is carried by the screed board, not the operator – minimizing operator fatigue and vibration. This design also increases the weight of the engine over the board, preventing it from riding up when the unit is used on forms. A lifting handle is located over the center of mass, allowing easy and balanced jobsite maneuvering. 


The wide, offset handlebar design of the RS-15H provides the operator with a better line of vision, as well as increased operator comfort, when compared to inline-style screeds. This handle design also helps to balance the torque from the eccentric weight for better control. These adjustable handlebars can be comfortably used by any size of operator in any depth of concrete. Engineered with quick-release levers, no tools are required to adjust the handlebars. 


Designed with the “set it and forget it” throttle, the RS-15H allows an operator to find the optimum rpm operating level and lock it in place for consistent vibration during operation. 


The power transfer system has no flex-shaft to lubricate. The rubber coupler is engineered to sheer should the eccentric weight become blocked. This protects the bearings from overload damage. The rapid screed’s exclusive bearing system is oversized for longer life and is factory-sealed eliminating the need to grease the bearings or lube the shafts.  


The RS-15H board features a two-in-one design that can float in wet concrete or ride-on forms. An enclosed screed board design virtually eliminates warping or torquing. With flat screed board surfaces, the Rapid Screed cleanup is a breeze. Made from magnesium, the boards are lighter and will not react with concrete like aluminum screed bars. 

The RS-15H can be used in residential flatwork, commercial flatwork, high-rise flatwork, sidewalks, and cart paths. Screed boards are available in a variety of lengths: six, 12, and 20 feet.


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