Scoot-Crete MB11

Updated Oct 22, 2010

A smaller version of the MB16 power buggy, the MB11 incorporates a number of the same unique design features found in the MB16. These features result in an easy to service, low maintenance power buggy that is built to last. 

The MB11 is powered by an 8hp engine directly coupled to a fan-cooled variable-speed hydrostatic pump. This arrangement provides speed or power depending on jobsite conditions and needs. Additionally, the full hydrostatic design provides improved dynamic braking.  

The main frame is a welded boxframe that provides unmatched strength and structural integrity. A removable shroud protects the drive components and engine from concrete buildup. The vented shroud and “pull through” ventilation system assures safe hydraulic temperatures for longer component life.  

All hydraulic hoses are enclosed within the main frame for easy access and protection. Handling is simplified by convenient lifting points and frame notch-outs for lifting with a fork truck. 

The rear caster assembly consists of both roller bearing and ball bearing assemblies. This dual bearing design provides greater load carrying capacity than casters using only ball bearings.

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